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剣咬の虎 (セイバートゥース)


Seibā Tūsu






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theres not much known about this guild but it is said that its the strongest guild in Fiore.

Prominent MembersEdit

  1. Sting Eucliffe[2]
  2. Rouge[3]
  3. Yukino[4] [Note : Yukino is excommunicated from the Guild]


This Guild is currently Active and it is also a Legal Guild

Grand Magic Games(Overall)Edit

This Guild is shown as a very powerful Guild with 20 points on the 2nd position this arc is from Chapters 274 to

Grand Magic GamesEdit

Till now this Guild has defeated Quatro cerbus's War Cry and Sting came at last position as it was a race on Traveling Carriage and Yukino was defeated by Kagura Mikazuchi[5] who uses archenemy[6] Magic and so Yukino as a punishment was ordered to strip in front of the whole guild and also was ordered to rub the Guild's symbol. Rouge says that this was not right and says that if it is a Guild.but Sting says that it was right and also that they didn't need any weaklings in the Guild.later,Natsu starts a fight with Jiemma but Jiemma says that to be qualified for a match with him he has to pass through Dobengal Natsu passes through him in a punch and Stings exceed says that if he was in Sabertooth he would have been in the 10 powerful Mages of Sabertooth and then Sting comes forward to fight him but Jiemma refuses. then Natsu fights with Jiemma but his Daughter Minerva comes and stops him by taking Happy as an hostage she gives happy back and asks Natsu to stop the fight.Happy apologizes and says that he was caught at the entrance She says that they will settle this in the games and Natsu replies that they won't lose to those of that kind and they won't surpass Fairy Tail.later Yukino understands this by hearing the people who were talking.

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