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S-Class mages are elite members of the guild who are capable of taking "S-Class Jobs". They are also allowed to be accompanied by Mages lower than the S-Class rank. In the Fairy Tail Guild, the guild master picks participants for the "S-Class Promotion Trial". In Fairy Tail's history, Erza Scarlet is the youngest one to pass the trial at the age of 15, followed by Mirajane Strauss at the age of 16. So far, only 5 are allowed to take said jobs. The S-Class mages are also considered powerful since they passed the said promotion.

Erza scarlet

Erza Scarlet - S-Class Mage


Mystogan - Former S-Class Mage


Laxus Dreyar - S-Class Mage

Mirajane Avatar

Mirajane Strauss - S-Class Mage


Gildarts Clive - S-Class Mage