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Obba Babassama[1]




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Currently one of the most powerful guilds in Fiore. Lamia Scale includes one of the most powerful mages or also known as Ten Wizard Saints- Jura Neekis[2]. This guild also has some notable mages namely, Lyon Vastia[3], Sherry Blendi,[4] Toby Horta[5], and Yuka Suzuki[6]. The current guild master of Lamia Scale is Ooba Babasaama.


theres not much known about this guild but it is said that its the second strongest guild in Fiore.

Prominent MembersEdit

  1. Jura Neekis[7].
  2. Lyon Vastia[8]
  3. Sherry Blendi,[9]
  4. Toby Horta[10]
  5. Yuka Suzuki[11]


This Guild is currently Active

Grand Magic GamesEdit

After The S-Class participants in Fairy Tail dissappeared, Lamia Scale was ranked second in the Grand Magic Games. In the current game, Lamia Scale was the second to finish in the preliminary event while third in the first event: Hidden , they placed fourth on the second event:Chariot. On the battles, Lamia Scale guild Ace: Jura Neekis won against Fairy Tail B's Jellal Fernandez disguised as Mystogan and Lamia Scale Toby Horhota loosing against Raven Tail's Kurohebi. Overall, Lamia Scale's score is 20