Blue Pegasus
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Blue Pegasus Guild Building




Burū Pegasasu




Blue pegasus symbol




Blue Pegasus Building's location is currently unknown.


This Guild is currently active and it is also a Legal Guild

Prominent MembersEdit

  1. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki[4]
  2. Ren Akatsuki[5]
  3. Eve Tearme[6]
  4. Hibiki Lates[7]
  5. Jura Neekis[8]


This Guild's prominent participation was in Oracion seis Arc. This Guild also Participated in Grand Magic Games.


This arc is from chapters 131-165.from episodes 52 to 69. fairy tail is working as waiters and jellal[9] revives.

The Arc(only blue pegasus part)Edit

The prominent members of Blue Pegasus Guild (Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki[10],Eve Tearme[11],Hibiki Lates[12],Ren Akatsuki[13]) appear and all the strongest members of all the guilds(Fairy Tail,Cait shelter)appear.from Cait shelter Wendy comes and from fairy tail Erza,Gray,Lucy and Natsu.Later Ichiya is defeated by angel and her spirits Gemini[14].and Jura Neekis[15] is also defeated by Them.Eve,Ren and Hibiki go with Lucy and while running they see Christina but then the horse (Christina) gets destroyed and oracion seis appears and Angel[16] tells that she has already beaten Jura and Ichiya then Gemini takes Lucys form and beats Lucy.then Lyon[17] and Sherry[18] fight Hoteye[19]. First Ren,Eve and Hibiki try to fight Racer but they get defeated by him then Natsu and Gray fight Racer[20]and Erza fights Cobra[21].Natsu tries to wake Midnight[22]up but he doesn't and Racer says that it would be scary if he woke up.when Lucy is defeated Gemini freezes Gray by taking his form and using Ice-Make.later Jura saves Natsu and the others by using his Earth Magic[23]when they were nearly killed by Oracion Seis.he fights Hoteye and defeats him he also fights Brain[24] and defeats him too . Later he saves them again when brain wrongly insists through Hoteye that Midnights room is right below the kings room then Natsu and the others realize that it was a trap and then Jura saves them sometime later they understand that Jura had saved them and he has fallen unconsious. he also saves Wendy,Carla and the others when Nirvana falls. Ichiya helps in destroying the Lacrima which was controling Nirvana[25] along with Erza,Gray,Natsu,Gemini and Wendy.Eve,Ren,Sherry and Hibiki use the Magic bomber Christina to try and Break Nirvana's Leg.

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